måndag 10 oktober 2011

Mer Moores lag i vardagen

Från Treehugger om Nissans nya elbilsladdare, som är kompatibel även med andra biltillverkares modeller (Treehuggers fetstil):

The newly-developed quick charging unit retains the high performance of the current quick charger manufactured by Nissan, which is now on sale with a suggested retail price of 1.47 million yen (including tax), but is nearly half the size (by volume). The new charger unit's smaller size will take up less space and enable easier installation. When it goes on sale, the new standard specification quick charger unit will be highly competitive and great value to customers because it will cost significantly less than one million yen, while the base specification unit will cost only below one half the price of the current unit.

Och från Entertainment Web - hårddiskar från 1979 till idag (det vore dock intressant att veta även hur mycket de rymmer):
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