lördag 8 oktober 2011

Och ännu mer Streisandeffekt

Ryan Giggs ansåg att hans kärleksliv med Imogen Thomas var något som bara angick de två, och kanske möjligtvis frun, och stämde därför Twitter för att behålla det på det viset - från Guardian: 

UK traffic to Twitter's website spiked by 22% on Saturday as people flocked to the social messaging site to find out about the footballer who had taken out an injunction against the site, according to research from the measurement company Experian Hitwise.

The traffic was 10% higher than for the site's previous busiest day in the UK, which came on 9 May when the media reported on the creation of an account on the site which purported to name those who had taken out superinjunctions to prevent details being reported.

Hitwise also noted a dramatic rise last week in search terms linked to the injunction served by Giggs' lawyers on the site. "Ryan Giggs suing Twitter" was the fourth most popular term for the entire week ending on Saturday, despite the fact that the story only broke on the Friday evening.

That was reflected too in Hitwise's data from social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, where "twitter footballer" and "ryan giggs suing twitter" ranked in the top two or three.

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