fredag 14 oktober 2011

Då och nu

Då - från Wikipedia angående dåvarande president John F. Kennedys son, född och avliden 1963:

Patrick Bouvier Kennedy was born by emergency caesarean section five and a half weeks early at the Otis Air Force Base Hospital in Bourne, Massachusetts. His birth weight of 4 pounds 10½ ounces (2.11 kg) medically classified him as premature. Right after his birth, he was transferred to Boston Children's Hospital where he died two days later of hyaline membrane disease.

Nu - från

Barn som föds före vecka 33 löper ökad risk att få sämre tandhälsa.

Vidare på då-och-nu-temat, ur Wikipedia-artikeln:

His obituary in The New York Times stated that, at that time, all that could be done for a victim of hyaline membrane disease "is to monitor the infant's blood chemistry and to try to keep it near normal levels."

The infant's death from hyaline membrane disease, now more commonly called respiratory distress syndrome, helped spark new public awareness of the disease and further research. As of 2004, the disease has an overall mortality of less than 15%—and is much less fatal among mildly to moderately premature infants, such as with the Kennedys' infant son. Also, treatment modalities are now widely available in developed countries, such as continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), pulmonary surfactant replacement, and improved respirator technology, that either did not exist or were unavailable in 1963.

Och från 

Med hjälp av avancerad medicinsk vård överlever allt fler för tidigt födda barn i Sverige. I dag klarar sig 95 procent av barnen som har en födelsevikt på mindre än ett kilo.

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