söndag 3 augusti 2008

Tobak reglerat, för barnens skull

Physorg skriver om de senaste tobaksregleringarna:

The bill would further tighten restrictions on tobacco advertising and impose new federal penalties for selling to minors. But its most far-reaching provisions would give the Food and Drug Administration the power to regulate tobacco, from cigarettes to new kinds of smokeless products.

While the agency could not outlaw tobacco or nicotine, it could demand the reduction or elimination of cancer-causing chemicals in cigarette smoke. The bill would prohibit candy flavored cigars and cigarettes, and would give the FDA authority to ban menthol - by far the most commonly added flavoring.

De citerade motståndarna till lagen anser att FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) redan är överbelastade, samt att staten redan mästrar för mycket.

Cass Wheeler, VD vid American Heart Association försvarar dock regleringen med att allt annat ju regleras, och även republikanen Tom Davis skrider till försvar:

But some supporters said the bill was more about protecting children than adults. Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va., said tobacco use has become synonymous with rugged independence and a refutation of authority, traits that he said many teens desire.

"In large part, the marketing tactics by tobacco manufacturers fanned the flames of youthful angst," Davis said.

Och jag kan inte annat än häpna.

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