fredag 22 augusti 2008

Idealismen och byråkratin

Johan Hedin:

Det mest klassiska exemplet på företagarglädje finns väl i kids som sätter upp ett saftstånd vid vägkanten.
På frågan om vad de skulle göra för alla pengarna kom det underbara svaret: "Köpa mer ingredienser så vi kan baka och tjäna ÄNNU MER i morgon".

Det finns hopp, tamigsjuttsiken! :-)

abc7news via Reason:

On a Clayton street corner is where 11-year-old Katie and 3-year- old Sabrina Lewis had been selling their families surplus fruits and veggies
They did it for maybe four hours on Saturday mornings to make a little money. They haven't sold a thing since the police showed up recently in response to one complaint to the mayor's office.
"They may start out with a little card-table and selling a couple of things, but then who is to say what else they have. Is all the produce made there, do they make it themselves? Are they going to have eggs and chickens for sale next," said [borgmästare Gregg] Manning.
"I wish everyone would follow the rules and not be just self-centered," said Manning.

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