tisdag 16 juni 2009

Homer Simpson om jobbskapande

Homer Simpson har utsetts till den 25:e mest inflytelserika personen de senaste 25 åren, så desto olyckligare att han inte har greppat Bastiats krossade vindruta - ur Bye, Bye, Nerdie, från The Simpsons Archive:

% Homer and Marge watch "Afternoon Yak" for about three
% seconds, and
then turn to the local news.

Kent: The safe-baby craze: It's sweeping Springfield thanks to one crusading parent.
Homer: That's me! [gets off the couch, dancing and singing] Safety dance, safety dance, everybody look at your pants!
Kent: But while Homer Simpson has made our babies safe, he's made infant-related businesses cry -- all the way *away* from the bank.

[cut to Kent interviewing a businessman]

How are your baby crutch sales?

Businessman: Uh, terrible, Kent. And cartoon character Band-Aids, forget about it.

[cut to Hibbert, holding up a happy baby]

Hibbert: Look at this baby. Not a scratch on him, and I've got boat payments.

[cut to a factory owner, standing in front of the factory that prints baby get-well cards]

Owner: The dream is over. Shut 'er down, boys!

[a steam whistle blows, and the factory stops. Dozens of newly-unemployed workers trudge out of the plant]

Homer: Dear God, what have I done?
[runs out into the street] Babies of Springfield, we need your help! Please -- skin your knees! Put dice up your nose! Let cats sleep on your face!

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