tisdag 31 maj 2011


Och vidare på mjölkfobitemat där bland annat opastöriserad och ohomogeniserad mjölk, bröstmjölk och så vidare i all oändlighet förföljs - från The Economist (artikeln är så välskriven att det är svårt att klippa i den, så läs gärna hela):

For although she had spent a year getting the required permits from Orange County, she had, it turned out, yet to make the acquaintance of the “milk and dairy food safety branch” of the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA). On a Saturday morning in March, Ms Dashtaki got a call and was told to shut down or risk prosecution.
Her business, while it lasted, consisted of herself, making yogurt on the instructions of her father. Ms Dashtaki was renting space in the kitchen of an Egyptian restaurant where she and her father, “like elves before and after their working hours”, lovingly cultured their yogurt under a blanket, then drained it through a certain kind of cheese cloth, then stirred it for hours, and so forth. For the taste to be divine, everything has to be just so. And, being artisans, they kept the volume tiny, about 20 gallons (76 litres) a week, for sale only at local farmers’ markets.
The regulator demanded instead that Ms Dashtaki set up a “Grade A” dairy plant, just as a large factory processing raw milk would be required to do. She was told to install, among other things, a “pasteuriser with a recorder”, a “culture tank”, and a “filler”, which apparently also required a “mechanical capper” to screw lids on jars. When Ms Dashtaki pointed out to the CDFA inspector that all this would alter—meaning ruin—the taste of her father’s artisanal yogurt, the inspector agreed. But that does not fall within the remit of the state of California’s dairy regulations.

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