torsdag 13 augusti 2009

E-cigaretter, igen

Reason skriver om forskningsresultat gällande e-cigaretter:

Doctors in Cape Town gave Dutch-made Twisp e-cigarettes to 349 patients. After two weeks 6 percent of the patients had stopped smoking, and the quit rate rose to nearly half (45 percent) after two months. By contrast, a 2002 study in the journal Addiction found that the six-week quit rate was about 16 percent for smokers chewing nicotine gum and about 19 percent for smokers using nicotine patches. After six months, those rates fell to about 8 percent and 9 percent, respectively.

Bloggen Tobacco Analysis har samlat citat från personer som använt e-cigaretter för att sluta röka traditionella cigaretter - några citat ur mängden:

"I smoked traditional cigarettes for 27 years.... 2+ packs a day. On June 11th, my first e-cigarette starter kit arrived in the mail. I opened it up and started using it. I have not had a traditional cigarette since that day!! Even if there are some risks associated with these products, it can NEVER be as dangerous as traditional cigarettes so WHY would the FDA (or anyone else) want to stop me and other smokers from using them??? THANK YOU Dr. Whelan for putting this in proper perspective!!"

"Do not allow this product to be taken off the market. It saved my life (my smoker's morning cough disappeared in 3 days after switching to an e-cig) and many thousands more. The FDA is being unbelievably hypocritical in this matter and it shows how politics and money, rather then genuine concern for public health, is behind everything they do. And this is coing from a registered Pharmacist."

"I still have a pack of Marlboro cigarettes unsmoked since I took a first puff of these 2 weeks ago. To take them off the market would be a horrible idea and drive many smokers back. Of course tobacco companies and governments stand to lose billions in revenues if these catch on... and they will... so expect to see everything thrown at these new e-cigarette startups to stop this trend."

"I have smoked for nearly 20 years and NEVER went a day without smoking at least a full pack of smokes. Ever since I got my E-cig (3 weeks ago), I never had another reg cig since... I feel better, breathe better, sleep better and thats just to name a few. These are choices we made, please don't take these life changing choices from us!"

FDA (Food and Drug Administration) har alltså varnat för e-cigaretter och lobbar för att förbjuda dem (de har dock godkänt traditionella cigaretter).

Socialistiskt byråkratiserande, nationalistiskt särintressesgynnande och kristet späkningsidealiserande, sådan är folkhälsotanken. Tidigare inlägg:
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Ronny sa...

Vad tycks om dessa då ?

NJOY Sweden sa...

Världens mest sålda köper du här:


Ed Devin sa...

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