torsdag 19 mars 2009

Legalize it!

Skulle man tillhöra kategorin som är tveksam till ifall MMA bör tillåtas i New York så kan man alltid läsa Cage Potatos intervjuer med en politiker mot och en för legalisering (båda tillhör demokraterna):

Bob Reilly, mot legalisering:

What you’re saying to me is, aren’t they putting half a million in tax revenue into the local economy? But do they take three and a half million back to Vegas? Yes.

Jonathan Bing, för legalisering:

[Cage Potato:] Assemblyman Reilly’s opposition to the sport seems to be in large part a question of morality. He compared MMA to prostitution and gambling, and said that just because these activities would bring in tax and tourism dollars — and just because some New Yorkers want to engage in them — it doesn’t mean they should be allowed in New York just because the state has a budget deficit. What do you think of those comparisons?
[Jonathan Bing:] I think war is immoral, and I think torture is immoral. I don’t think that a sport that's as highly regulated as MMA should be described with the same adjectives as things that are truly immoral. The hyperbole used by those in the opposition doesn’t really make sense to me.

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