söndag 7 september 2008


Från EurekAlert:

Heckman adds: "We were surprised to find that 27 percent of those we surveyed were classified as tanning dependent. The finding that almost 40 percent of those surveyed had used tanning booths and that the mean age when tanning booths were first used was 17 is also alarming."
Finally, the researchers say that those addicted to tanning were more likely to be thin and smoke cigarettes than others, suggesting meaningful avenues for further research into possible links among risky behaviors.

"Our ultimate goal is to find out more about the motivations for tanning so that we can develop interventions that would reduce tanning and hopefully skin cancer," Heckman concludes.

Ja, solariemissbrukarna var tydligen överrepresenterade i missbruk även av mat och cigarretter, men kan man bara stoppa solariebruket så blir det säkert goda, fromma skattebetalare även av dem.

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