tisdag 2 september 2008

Gissa siffran

Från ScienceDaily:

Ulm Research on Metabolism, Exercise and Lifestyle in children (URMEL-ICE) is a one-year school-based programme for the prevention of obesity and cardiovascular risk factors in primary schools. The programme has been established by an interdisciplinary working group at the Ulm University also involving school teachers. The programme focuses on a reduction of TV-time, intensive motivation of physical activity and reduction of energy rich drinks as an integral part of daily education over a period of one school year. The programme has been most effectively applied and shows beneficial effects on the reduction of body fat mass. Children in the intervention group showed a mean relative reduction of body fat mass by [siffra] after the one year programme.

Någon gissning alltså på vad ett år av effectively applied ämnesöverskridande med intense motivation och åttabokstavigt akronymnamn kan ha resulterat i?

260 gram.

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