lördag 24 oktober 2009

Man får vad man betalar för

Rubriken är en ökänd klyscha, som i dagens samhälle främst brukar innebära att någon inte tagit sig tid att googla sin investering. Klyschan innehåller dock i vanlig ordning en andel sanning - incitament spelar roll - två exempel på temat:

- Från Freakonomics:

In the 1940’s, the paleontologist von Koenigswald was searching for early human remains on Java and decided to enlist the help of the locals in his search by offering them “ten cents for every piece of hominid bone they could come up with.” Unfortunately for von Koenigswald (and for his findings), he discovered too late that the locals “had been enthusiastically smashing large pieces into small ones to maximize their income.”

- Ur BBC:s The Trap:


Eric Crampton om inslaget:

Set the target as being time on the hospital waiting list and they'll prioritize the easiest surgeries. Set the target as time to being seen in the Emergency Department and they'll assign a "Hello Nurse" (and not the good kind from Animaniacs either). Patients don't hurt targets about numbers left on gurneys if you take the wheels off the gurneys and call them beds. And so on.

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