torsdag 22 oktober 2009

Dagens ord: Sitzfleisch

Ur Econtalk:

Russ Roberts: So the claim here is that the signalling part of school is just a hurdle or a hoop to jump through or over to show that you are capable of jumping - you're capable of sitting and majoring in engineering...

Robin Hanson: Right.

RR:'s not so much that you're gonna use the engineering knowledge that you learn in school - it's that you're conveying to a future employer that you have discipline and Sitzfleisch.

Från Wictionary:
Sitzfleisch (uncountable)
  1. The ability to endure or carry on with an activity.
    • 1947, Frank Vigor Morley, "My One Contribution to Chess", Chess Notes, Faber & Faber (1947):
      Sitzfleisch: a term used in chess to indicate winning by use of the glutei muscles--the habit of remaining stolid in one's seat hour by hour, making moves that are sound but uninspired, until one's opponent blunders through boredom.
    • 2003, Roy Porter, Flesh in the Age of Reason, Penguin (2004), page 203,
      He never dallied with the image, beloved of the Renaissance, of the lean and shrunk-shanked scholar, possessed of infinite Sitzfleisch and inured to pain.
Och jodå, direktöversättningen sittfläsk finns i Saob:

2) bildl., i uttr. som beteckna god l. dålig förmåga att sitta (äv. med anslutning till sitta, v. 6); särsk. i uttr. ha gott sittfläsk, ha för­måga att sitta länge l. tålmodigt vid sitt arbete (resp. tjänstgöra länge l. tålmodigt l. envist l. en­träget i sin befattning o. d.);

jfr -gump.
Den social­demokratiska regeringen har gott sittfläsk.
NDA 1934, nr 79, s. 4

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