söndag 15 juni 2008

FDA om bisfenol A

Jag skrev tidigare om bisfenol A-larm, och Physorg skriver nu om en undersökning från FDA:

Small amounts of bisphenol A can be released as plastics break down. Dr. Norris Alderson, the Food and Drug Administration's associate commissioner for science, said, however, that the level of exposure was safe. Some studies had reported higher release levels than projected by the agency, but many of those studies were conducted under unrealistic conditions, he said.

"Although our review is ongoing, there's no reason to recommend consumers stop using products with (bisphenol A)," Alderson told a House subcommittee.

Bisphenol A also is used in many other products, from helmets to compact discs to goggles. Any ban of the chemical could result in less effective protection for children who wear the protective gear, said Dr. Michael Babich of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. About 99 percent of human exposure to the chemical comes from diet.

Det ständiga hönsmammandet kommer dock naturligtvis inte att minska, och Physorg-artikeln innehåller även det alldeles tydligt tidlösa men-tänk-om-argumentet:

"Do we wait for irrefutable proof of harm in people before taking action?" [ Dr. Ted Schettler, director of the Science and Environmental Health Network] asked.

Det är dock viktigt att ha i åtanke att sådan här oro i sig hotar barnen genom att flytta fokus från reella risker till hjärnspöken.

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