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Världens spannmålsproduktion upp sju procent 2008

Från Worldwatch Institute:

For the second year in a row, world grain production rose in 2008, with farmers producing some 2.287 billion tons. The record harvest was up more than 7 percent over the previous year and caps a decade in which only half the years registered gains. Per capita production also recovered, reaching 339 kilograms per person. The total amount of land dedicated to grain harvests worldwide has remained relatively stable over the past 15 years at around 700 million hectares-though it was below the average experienced from 1975 to 1986-but yields have increased 146 percent over the last 46 years.

Diagram över utvecklingen [klickbar för förstoring]:Produktionen 1990-2008, uppdelat per region:
Angående den framtida utvecklingen så handlar det i vanlig ordning om liberalisering och utveckling - exempel från Nourishing the Planet:

“You can get Coca-Cola at any store in any village in Kenya, but you have to travel 50 to 60 kilometers to get fertilizer,” says James Mutonyi, Country Director for the Agricultural Market Development Trust

Och från Science Daily:

CSIRO researchers have identified wheat and barley lines resistant to Crown Rot -- a disease that costs Australian wheat and barley farmers $79 million in lost yield every year.

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