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Streisandeffekten i vardagen

Jag såg nyligen Gurotesuku (Grotesque), som ingick i samma box som Robo-geisha - med den bästa trailern i filmhistorien (filmen levde dock inte på långa vägar upp till trailern). Gurotesuku var en film jag gärna kunde ha varit utan att se och som jag inte råder någon att se. Vad som däremot är intressant är att filmen på såväl boxen som på framsidan av omslaget marknadsfördes som "totalförbjuden i Norge och Storbritannien", och även baksidestexten följer det temat: "'Ett obarmhärtigt, eskalerande scenario av förödmjukelse, brutalitet och sadism.' - BBFC (British Board of Film Classification)":

Även IMDB-recensionerna följer censurtemat - några exempel [en skribent per stycke]:

Just watched and only because it is banned and therefore had to seek it out and say a big ' f#@k ' u to any board who try to stop me from watching a film unless of course it involves snuff, real animal killings or kids.

When a film is deemed so heinous by the BBFC that a certificate is refused outright, fans of extreme cinema are naturally intrigued; I know that when I'm told I can't see a movie because it might possibly damage my fragile little mind, I'm all the more keen to view it, curious to see if my sensibilities (and stomach) can withstand the challenge.

Also known under the title Grotesque: Unrated Version which was what the version I saw was called this Japanese extreme torture horror flick was directed by Kôji Shiraishi & was recently banned here in the UK which has predictably had the effect that everyone now wants to see it because it's 'banned'

I wanted to see "Grotesque" because BBFC banned this Japanese torture extravaganza in UK.

Well, its now been banned in the UK as of a few days ago. And as with the legendary British Board Of Film Censors onslaught on horror movies in 1984, this will of course make it a much more sought after movie now than if they'd left it well alone.

Everybody was hyped when Gurotesuku was banned in the United Kingdom...me included.

I watched "Grotesque" because of the hype around it and because it had been banned.

Well, having heard mention of the BBFC banning on Twitter, old school curiosity got the better of me.

I just watched this movie reason why was because it's banned and i wanted to see what's so bad about it.

Being an avid fan of the 80's video nasty era where many a film was banned due to it's content (long gone are the days), I was intrigued to know what - in this day and age - had upset the BBFC so much that they warranted banning Grotesque.

Well well, the campaign for this flick was well chosen. The movie came straight from Japan and was stated as Banned In The UK.

This movie has a lot of hype around it in the horror circles on the net, mostly because it's banned in the UK.

This film has been in the news recently as it is a rare (non-pornographic) film that is denied a certificate by the BBFC, effectively banning for sale, rental, showing or broadcast in any form in the UK. Naturally, I tracked it down to see what all the fuss was about.

Sedan då över till vad som skrivs om själva filmen [även här en skribent per stycke]:

If you a fan of Devils rejects, Vacancy and the like check it out but if you are like me a little and like at least a little mental stimulation with your gore fix skip this one.

For me, there is no redeeming factors to this movie besides some production value and the debate it will create around censorship and going to far in film. Regardless of the film just being mean spirit, the film is actually just a bad film.

Have seen a lot of horrors and this isn't one of them, no thrill, no build up and certainly no suspense.

Gurotesuku is a film which will now be sought after & become notorious for nothing more than a bunch of people saying it should be banned in the UK for no good reason as far as I can see & quite frankly it doesn't really deserve the publicity since it's not that good & has no real story, artistic value or social relevance beyond two people being tortured & eventually murdered.

Anyway, it's bad, but not that bad.The horror isn't very cringe-worthy, (where as some of the effects are), and it certainly doesn't justify being banned.

Thats how I saw the film. Not as a story of any value (as it doesn't really have any plot) but as a vehicle for showing what a good effects team can achieve with a few pounds of latex and a bucket of fake blood.

it really has no plot, and no visuality to speak about, i guess the film crew relied on the snuff-ish scenes to make up for the costs,because other than them, the movie is devoid of anything at all worth mentioning.

"Grotesque" had lots of potential to be so much more than it turned out to be, but it faltered on a weak storyline and the director's need to show tacky sex scenes. When the movie ended, I was left with a sense of 'was that really it? This movie was banned, really? Come on...' and I was disappointed by the overall movie.

GROTESQUE is a big, big bore. Yet another pointless freakshow that horror geeks can boast about having seen. "Oh my God, man. The dude cuts this chick's nipples off. It's brutal, man." Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever. 

Maybe I'm getting old, but I really can't work out anymore what or who this type of film is made for.

How can you screw up this badly? I always say, if you're making a shocking gore movie and it isn't close to 1963's original splatter film, Blood Feast then you shouldn't even bother. If you can't match a very cheesy movie with laughably bad effects which did start the sub genre, then you probably have no business making movies. 

I can only think that maybe exploration of a sick mind (such as August Underground) was the point to put across but unfortunately it fails as a pointless exercise (whereas August Underground worked for what it was) I have given the film a 5 star rating as adequate effort to make a film has been put in...I just don't understand why though.

The fx are good, realistic but not excellent, and the plot and motivations of the bad dude were so stupid that you cant take the gore serious, so the scenes failed. Yes, its brutal but its overall a let down. [passande användarnamn: ultra_tippergore]

If you want to watch a non-story line, pure gore, pointless movie, Grotesque is for you.

having seen many horror movies,i don't think the effects looks real but it's somewhat okay!saw and hostel are somewhat better than this,as they have a story or plot but this one lacks on that and being directed without having an idea and just to make some money!that's all,if you like horror,this isn't for you! Hope it helps! *1/2*

Back to the main story though, this is a terrible film. 2/10 with one point added for the wtf moment at the end. 3/10.

If your curiosity just needs to be satiated, then by all means, check out "Grotesque." Everyone else take my advice and stay far, far away.

Gurotesuku fungerar alltså som ett perfekt exempel på censurens inbyggda idioti - ska någon film censureras så är det enligt gällande samhällsteori just någon som den - tröttsam tortyr och sexövergrepp mot oskyldiga enbart för att förövaren tänder sexuellt på det. Resultatet av censuren blir dock en PR-kampanj omöjlig att matcha på annat sätt, vilket ger att en film som annars alldeles garanterat hade fallit i omedelbar glömska i det oändliga havet av sevärda filmer - snittbetyget på IMDB är usla 4,7 - istället debatteras, tas med i filmboxar och ses av tusentals gånger fler personer än den annars hade gjorts - the iron law of intervention.

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