lördag 31 maj 2008

Lika som bär 16

Från Treehugger:

People are stealing fryer grease to make biofuel. This pizza shop owner has been hit seven times and is installing video cameras. The Times notes that processed fryer oil, which is called yellow grease, is actually not trash. The grease is traded on the booming commodities market.

Simpsons S10E01, Lard of the Dance (sändes första gången 23 augusti 1998):

Homer and Bart arrive at the school during the dance to steal the grease after being told of the large amount in the school kitchen by Bart. Homer sneaks into the kitchen and plants a hose in the fryer to suck it in to the car, but Willie spots them and attempts to stop them, claiming the grease to be his for retirement.

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