lördag 19 december 2009


- US scepticism grows over manmade global warming theory - News.com

- Scholars bid [Chinese] government to abolish housing law - People's Daily

- Border Disruption Technology - Fr33 Agents

- The barf-worthy safety standards for school-lunch meat - Boing Boing (Så länge skolbarnen inte blir sjuka av maten håller jag inte med om att den ska vara "barf-worthy" av den anledningen. Det är dock intressant hur mycket kraftfullare konkurrens är än goda avsikter.)

- A Dubious Record in Mexico’s Drug War - Cato@Liberty

- Folkhälsoinstitutet vill stänga Internet - Johan Ingerö

- Pitch of Blue Whale Songs Is Declining Around the World, But This Could be a Good Thing - Treehugger

- 85.6% of Chinese people concerned about inflation in 2010 - People's Daily

- Shopkeeper fined...for not producing commercial rubbish - Echo News

- Boy, 12, suspended for 'crisp dealing' in school that banned junk food - Daily Mail

- In pictures: Disabled Tanzanian child taking first steps - BBC

- Barns ögonsjukdomar behandlas bättre - Vetenskapsradion

- Black Friday Found To Be 50 Times More Carbon Intensive Than Cyber Monday - Treehugger

- Cannabis spray found to help relieve cancer pain - BBC

- GMOs and the plants we eat: neither are “natural” - Code for life

- Wild and Weird New Species Discovered in 2009 (Slideshow) - Treehugger

- Uganda bans female genital mutilation - BBC

- Report: Tata Nano Hybrid on the Way - Good Clean Tech

- Rise and Fall in Dubai: An Austrian Perspective - Mises.org

- 25 Days in Jail for giving water to illegal immigrants - Don't Tase Me, Bro!

- YouTube video leads to Hollywood contract - BBC (Den fyra minuter långa filmen i fråga - Ataque de Pánico!, med en budget om 300 dollar - finns här.)

- Australian fliers will get their cutlery and knitting needles back - Boing Boing

- 25 Amazing 3-D Sidewalk Drawings - Entertainment Web

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