torsdag 24 september 2009

Tack snälla goa staten, igen

- A blogger who came to New Zealand from Britain has been warned to stop giving immigration advice on her blog - or face prosecution under the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act. - The New Zealand Herald (via Kiwiblog)

- EU imposes anti-dumping tariffs on Chinese aluminum foil - People's Daily

- EU impose duties on Chinese seamless steel pipe - People's Daily

- But to Texas' 13,000 or so barbers, matters of shaving are worth fighting over. While state law permits both cosmetologists and barbers to groom hair, state regulators have consistently ruled that only barbers may scrape a man's cheeks. - (via Freakonomics)

- 19 year-old Tegan Simone Leach could go to jail for up to seven years for having a home abortion. Leach's 21 year-old boyfriend is also going to stand trial for "supplying drugs to procure an abortion." -

- In Manitoba, it is illegal to sell potatoes from your small garden plot at farmers' markets. Because the selling of potatoes is a monopoly awarded to Peak of the Market. And Peak of the Market will fine you $10,000 if you try it. - Offsetting Behaviour

- Indiana court rejects same-sex divorce - South Voice (via Andrew Sullivan)

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- Tack snälla goa staten

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