torsdag 2 juli 2009

EU lättar på grönsaksregleringarna

Ur The Sun:

Now the European Commission has finally scrapped the 20-year ban on 26 types of fruit and veg including asparagus, celery and aubergines.

They ruled they can now be sold - as long as they are labelled as "intended for processing".

Också ur artikeln, The Suns versaler och fetstil:

And last night it was predicted the change could see some prices fall by 40 PER CENT.

Och ur The Suns andra artikel på temat:

Bureaucrats relaxed the rule - which meant 20 per cent of farm produce was binned - following pressure to combat rising food prices.

Någon EU-kommissionär kommenterar även lättnaderna i artikeln:

A Commission official said: "Times have changed - now household budgets are tighter and there is the problem of wasting food."

Ja, diskussioner om livsmedelspriser och resursslöseri är sannerligen något historiskt unikt.

(Via Cato)

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