lördag 5 maj 2012

Indiska bönders självmord, igen

Treehugger skriver om självmordsfrekvensen hos indiska bönder:

That Indian farmers have been committing suicide at depressingly shocking rates, due most often to high debts incurred when the industrial agriculture techniques and/or GM crop seeds they've been told will make them wealthy don't quite pan out as promised, is a long-running issue at the intersection of environmental and social justice—but this latest news is particularly stark.

The Times of India reports that in the past 48 hours five farmers in just one district of the state of Maharashtra have killed themselves, all over high debts. For the year, just five months and two days old, 332 farmers have chosen to end their lives because of debt.

In other words, in one state in India (albeit a big state) nearly 3 farmers each day are killing themselves because the debts they have incurred.

About this time last year, looking back at 2010 and for the whole of India, the number of farmer suicides divided out to one every 30 minutes (!!!).

Jag har refererat till det tidigare, men ämnet är tyvärr ständigt aktuellt - Johan Norberg 2007:

The Indian government pay Indian families who have lost their father after a suicide about $3,000. It´s a way of helping of course. And it´s a fortune. About ten times the annual wage. Unfortunately it´s also a powerful incentive for someone who can´t provide for his family.

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