lördag 5 maj 2012

Kinesiska däck, en uppföljning

Jag skrev två inlägg på temat när USA lade 35 procent skatt på kinesiska däck. Fantastiske Mark Perry länkade nyligen till en uppföljning (pdf) av resultatet - ur inlägget:

The cost per job saved (a maximum of 1,200 jobs by our calculations) was at least $900,000 in that year (see table above).

Och Perrys sammanfattning:

In fact, it would have been cheaper to just idle the 1,200 tire workers and pay them their full salary, of let's say $75,000 per year, than to impose tariffs that cost the economy almost $1 million per worker. This is a good example of why economists don't as a group support trade protection and instead favor free trade: the total costs of protectionism always outweigh the total benefits to the protected industry, resulting in a net loss and making the overall economy worse off, not better off.

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