lördag 5 maj 2012

Family Guy om bailouts

Ur avsnittet Death Is a Bitch, från Wikipedia:

Lois suggests that Death should stay at their house while his ankle heals so that she can persuade him to spare Peter, then realises that as long as Death is incapacitated everyone is immortal. Death warns Peter to say nothing about the fact that no one can die while he is injured, but Peter instead uses the knowledge of his invulnerability to jump from One Financial Plaza building, and live (conning his drinking buddies out of money); drink over 300 beers without succumbing to alcohol poisoning, and make fun of the toughest bikers at the bar without suffering from any injuries. The men get annoyed by Peter's comments ("Hey. Aren't you Richard Simmons?" and "Hey. Aren't you Richard Simmons' best friend, Richard Simmons?") and shoot him several times, but Peter does not die. Soon, one of their bullets hit Cleveland and one of the bikers shoots himself. All the bar patrons start shooting each other, and laugh upon discovering that they are still alive.

Vidare på temat så har Johan Norberg liknat bailouts vid såväl kristendom utan helvete som kasino där man får behålla vinsterna men slipper förlusterna, men man behöver inte se längre än till själva formuleringen "too big to fail" för att inse tankefelet - räddas något på grund av att det är för stort för att gå under så är det troligtvis inte mindre nästa gång det bränner till.

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