lördag 26 maj 2012

Simpsons did it!

Ja, som South Park skaldade, och vilket varit tydligt på den här bloggen - Simpsons har tagit upp i stort sett allt - från Yahoo News via Free Range Kids:

Michael Rudi, 17-year-old high school student and an asthmatic, very nearly died because the school nurse refused to let him use his inhaler because his mother didn't sign a form.

Instead, WKMG reports, Rudi says, "like something out of a horror film," she watched him until he started to lose consciousness. And then she locked the door.

His mother found him there, against a wall, unable to breathe, the nurse looking at him, when she got to the school. According to the report, Deltona High School and Verona County officials stand by the nurse's decision.

Ur tidigare inlägg:

Willy: He's stopped breathin'! Who knows gob-to-gob?! You know, mutton hole to mutton hole.

Superintendent Chalmers: No one goes near that boy till the ambulance comes. Any physical contact violates our school's no-touch policy.

Skinner: Let's quickly prod him to the curb with this pool skimmer.

Superintendent Chalmers: Good thinking.

Nikki: Move! I know CPR!

Skinner: Nikki, no! I prefer a dead child to a lawsuit from your parents.

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