torsdag 1 december 2011

Stanley Mason: ett bortglömt geni

Långt från alla genier och världsförbättrare får det omnämnande de förtjänat - ens efter döden; Stanley Mason verkar höra till den missgynnade kategorin, då han inte ens förärats en Wikipedia-sida - exempel på hans värv, från Inventor Archive:

In 1949, Mason had his first major breakthrough: changing his baby boy's diapers inspired him to invent, and later patent, the world's first disposable, pin-free diapers that were contoured to fit a baby's bottom. This humble yet significant innovation was only the beginning of a truly impressive career.

Mason calls himself "an inventor of ordinary, everyday products---not high-tech, but common, useful things." In the last 50 years, his over 100 inventions and 55 patents include the squeezable ketchup bottle, granola bars, heated pizza boxes, heatproof plastic microwave cookware, stringless Band-Aid ® packaging, dental floss dispensers, and "instant" splints and casts for broken limbs.

Mason verkar även ha varit en citatmaskin av rang - två exempel i mängden, från The New York Sun (hela artikeln rekommenderas):

"My wife asked me to put the diaper on the baby," he told the Seattle Times. "I held up the cloth diaper, and it was square. I looked at the baby, and it was round. I knew there was an engineering problem."

"What I try to teach, and what people take for granted, is that everything around us was invented, designed, or developed by some person," he told the Business Times of Hartford in 1990.

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