lördag 29 december 2012

And in the long run, I will still strike down upon thee

Från Sad But Mad Lad:

Jeanne Calment, at the ripe age of 116 and the oldest woman in the world, complained that her doctor wouldn’t let her have her port any more.

Portvin var dock inte Calments enda ickefolkhälsovana - från Unleashed Training:

Jeanne enjoyed cheap red wine and port, she ate up to a kilogram of chocolate per week and she smoked pretty much her whole life. At age 117 doctors tried to get her to quit smoking (why, I will never know). However two years later she was seen sneaking a few puffs in private.

Från NewsBusters, intervjun efter att Douglas vunnit dubbla OS-guld, klippet finns inbäddat hos NewsBusters:

JAY LENO, HOST: You trained your whole life, you win. How did you celebrate? What did you do?
GABBY DOUGLAS: We didn't have time to celebrate. It was team finals and had to turn the page all-around finals and event finals after that. But, after the competition, I splurged on an Egg McMuffin at McDonald’s.
LENO: Egg McMuffin.
MICHELLE OBAMA: Yeah, Gabby, we don't, don't encourage him.
I'm sure it was on…
DOUGLAS: A salad.
OBAMA: a whole wheat McMuffin.
LENO: It was on a whole wheat bun.
OBAMA: Yeah.
LENO: So an Egg McMuffin. Very good.
[Light laughter]
OBAMA: You're setting me back, Gabby.
OBAMA: It's so hard.

Några tidigare inlägg på liknande tema:
- Karta, möt terräng, igen
- Karta, möt terräng
- 111 år gammal? Jo, men tänk ifall hon hade skött dieten också

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