söndag 23 december 2012

XKCD channeling Bastiat

Och ickemarknadsalternativet - från Wikipedia:

The group set out for the Witch's castle, but she detects them and dispatches her army of flying monkeys, who carry Dorothy and Toto back to her. When the Witch threatens to drown Toto, Dorothy agrees to give up the slippers, but a shower of sparks prevents their removal. While the Witch ponders over this, Toto escapes and leads Dorothy's companions to the castle. After overpowering some Winkie guards and disguising themselves in their uniforms, they free her. The Witch and the Winkies corner the group on a parapet, where she sets the Scarecrow's arm ablaze. Dorothy throws water on her friend and accidentally splashes the Witch, causing her to melt. The Winkies are delighted to now be free, and their captain gives Dorothy the broomstick.

Som Bastiat skaldade: Om inte varor korsar gränser så kommer soldater att göra det.

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