onsdag 6 juni 2012

South Park, Family Guy och Simpsons om olika typer av småstadsaffärer

Ur Gnomes, från South Park Scriptorium:

Mrs. Tweek: These boys are absolutely right. We've been using these poor kids to pull at your heartstrings for our cause, and it's wrong. We're as low and despicable as Rob Reiner. You keep protesting and complaining, but did any of you ever even bother to taste Harbucks coffee? [shot of the town committee. The crowd blinks] Harbucks coffee got to where it is by being the best. Don't you think you should at least try it? [the crowd parts as Postem exits Harbucks with a tray of his coffee, then closes in to get the coffee. Some people taste it]
Townsman: Hey, this is pretty damn good.
Townsman 2: Yeah, it doesn't have that bland, raw, sewage taste that Tweek's coffee has.
Mr. Tweek: [comes over for a taste] Hey. Hey, that is good.
Postem: It's a French roast.
Mr. Tweek: It's subtle and mild. Mild, like that first splash of sun on an April morning. This coffee is coffee the way it should be.

Ur Hell Comes to Quahog, från Family Guy Scripts:

[Peter i Walmartmotsvarigheten Superstore USA:] My God, look at this wonderland of treasures. What would a guy like me have to do to be part of this magical world?

Ur When You Dish Upon a Star, från SNPP:

Homer: Apu, I'm about to purchase some weird and fruity items, and I don't want any guff.  First of all, I'll need the following mushrooms: Portobello ...
Apu: Yes.
Homer: Porcini ...
Apu: Right.
Homer: Chanterelle ...
Apu: Uh, huh.
Homer: ... and Shiitake.
Apu: [cheerily] Okay, we have none of those! What is next?

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