söndag 3 juni 2012

Mobbmentalitet och samhällskostnader

Dick Puddlecote citerar ur kommentarerna till en BBC-artikel om någon politruks idé att förbjuda ord som 'överviktig' - där det kan tilläggas att jag tycker att själva idén om någon folkhälsonormalvikt är idiotisk och har skrivit upprepade gånger på ämnet tidigare - ur Puddlecotes inlägg:

"Let's make a law against obesity."

"It is not fair that those who are overweight (There, I said it) will be granted a transplant ahead of somebody who is otherwise healthy, when they clearly neglect themselves."

"I think more should be done to reduce those who are overweight by introducing a fat tax or be refused entry to fast food rests. They not only cost the tax payer Billions but are laziness and greed personified"

"The parents slowly killing their children are not generally stick-thin themselves."

"It is against the law to sell alcohol to someone who is drunk. How about making it illegal to sell certain foods to obese customers?"

"Society has a role to play: smokers have been banned from public places, so should the obese."

"Why not call them 'drain on the health service', 'FB's', 'Lardies', 'Pigs', 'Heart attack on legs'."

"Stop having sex with them. That should do the trick."

"If people want to die early by not eating sensibly, then thats their affair. God knows we are very overpopulated."

"I live near a chippy and seeing their grotesque customers everyday actually put me off chips to the extent that I don't really like them anymore. The worst bit is seeing them poisoning their children too"

"We need a campaign to bring back shame for avoidable moral hazards."

"I get offended everyday by the unhealthy FAT people sucking up NHS resources with lifestyle imposed issues but no one worries about that."

"Cant the government give these people ration cards?!"

"Most fatties DESERVE to be mocked."

"I look down on fat people because they're abusing the system: they overeat and expect others to foot the bill. If the obese won't change themselves then a little health fascism is fully justified."

"there is a simple solution. FAT TAX "THE MORE YOU WEIGH, THE MORE YOU PAY" if a 18st fatty had to pay £20 for a big mac and £5 for a bus ride the weight would just drop off."

"Obesity problem and renewable energy...hmmm. How about we round up all the overweight people get them on treadmills and use them to power the country. Two birds, one stone."

"Right on! And if they refuse, melt them down for fuel oil."

"Fat people should be killed at birth!"

Och på Puddlecotes återkommande tema så går det inte att undvika att förbluffas av denormaliseringen och mobbmentaliteten.

Sedan, på välkänt tema angående samhällskostnader och ansedda laster, från Radio New Zealand, via Anti-Dismal:

The Treasury's report says smoking helped, not harmed, Government finances, because the early death of smokers saved huge huge pension costs of $5.5 billion to $5.8 billion a year.

Och sedan något som sagts oändligt antal gånger tidigare, men som definitivt tål upprepning - måhända inte den elegantaste formuleringen på temat, men den är den senaste ur mitt flöde på temat - från Market Ticker angående New Yorks förbud mot stora läskportioner:

When you pay the check you get to call the tune, and guess what -- we've demanded that government pay the check!  Now they're calling the tune.  Are you surprised?

I'm not.  But the bleating is backwards -- what we need to do instead is get rid of all of the cost-shifting in the medical system.  Charity care worked for hundreds of years and still will, if the government gets the hell out of it. 

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