söndag 13 januari 2013

Then government comes in and it changes the tempo, alternativt Do you have any idea how slow you were going?

Från Megan McArdle, via Walter Olson:

In recent years, food safety regulations and fear of liability has caused manufacturers to raise the heat on their slow cookers, which means the food cooks faster. I entertain enough that I reluctantly gave up lower heat for larger capacity (old crockpots tend to come in 2-3 quart sizes, rather than the 5-6 quarts that are standard now.) But only an older crockpot will give you really low and slow cooking.

Och ur Olsons kommentarsfält:

I boasted to my wife that the compost heap was hot enough to cook in.

Next day she surprised me by showing me where she had buried a pot roast in the compost the previous evening. It was the best tasting pot roast ever. Long and slow is the perfect recipe.



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