söndag 20 januari 2013

Marknader överallt

- Your Favorite Kanye West Tweet - Hand-stitched and Framed - Made to Order
- 0 ohm resistor
- Kleiner oder grosser Penis (via @_DennisJ_)
- Japanese firm offers expectant parents 3D-printed fetus from MRI scan
- Pizza Hut perfume
- Mustache transplants on the rise
- Stress Reliever WIN
- The Most Impractical iPhone Case Ever
- Bull Testicle Beer
- The TMNT Slice of Pizza Bong
- Castrated Chocolate Testicles
- Edible horror installation in London
- Website Sells Fake FB Girlfriends (och den som inte riktigt har råd med det kan köpa ex-partners till halva penningen)
- In China, the rich and powerful can hire body doubles to do their prison time for them
- Gold Pills Make Your Poop Glitter
- Clitoris Enhancement Kit

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