måndag 15 februari 2010

Dagens ord

- Jiffy, som i farfar Simpsons "I'll be back in a jiffy", via kottke:

In electronics, a jiffy is the time between alternating current power cycles, 1/60 or 1/50 of a second in most countries.

In astrophysics and quantum physics a jiffy is the time it takes for light to travel one fermi, which is the size of a nucleon.

In computing, a jiffy is the duration of one tick of the system timer interrupt. It is not an absolute time interval unit, since its duration depends on the clock interrupt frequency of the particular hardware platform.

- Dunning-Kruger effect, via Mindhacks:

The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which "people reach erroneous conclusions and make unfortunate choices but their incompetence robs them of the metacognitive ability to realize it".

- Vokuhila, via Johanna Paues:

Vokuhila = Hockeyfrilla (förkortning av vorne-kurz-hinten-lang, alltså framtill-kort-baktill-långt).

Intressant också att Vokuhila är så likt den svenska termen att det åtminstone kan tänkas ha förekommit folketymologiska inslag.

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