lördag 27 juli 2013

/u/AmoebaCowboy sammanfattar Peltzman-effekten

Från Wikipedia:
Risk compensation (also Peltzman effect or risk homeostasis) is an observed effect in ethology whereby people tend to adjust their behavior in response to the perceived level of risk, behaving less cautiously where they feel more protected and more cautiously where they feel a higher level of risk.
Reddit-användaren AmoebaCowboy, som svar på kommentar där en skriver att han kör motorcykel som vore han osynlig för att undvika skador - från Reddit:
Fuck that invisible shit. I ride like I've been dipped in rainbow clown paint, covered with neon glitter & disco lights, and have magnesium flares that are visible from SPACE shoot out of my ass every second and the first person to successfully hit me wins a billion dollars and free on-demand blowjobs for life. I ride like it is everyone's job to try to kill me. I've found that, for me, this keeps me on my toes and aware of my environment.
Tidigare omnämnande av Peltzman-effekten:
- Freakonomics minus Freakonomics

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