onsdag 15 februari 2012

Frihetliga sagohjältar: Teletubbies

Det ska direkt sägas att jag lindrigt uttryckt inte är någon Teletubbies-connoisseur, men ur 'Again! Again!', från ABC Shop:

Laa-Laa wants to play indoors, but Tinky Winky, Dipsy and Po want to play outdoors – uh-oh!

Lösningen på denna dilly of a pickle blir att Laa-Laa efter att ha frågat de tre andra leker på egen hand inomhus alldeles okränkt och de andra leker utomhus.

Också ur filmen:

The tubby custard machine isn't working so the Teletubbies sing a special song to make it work.

Tubbykrämmaskinen börjar att fungera efter sjungandet, så slutet gott allting gott - och vem är väl jag att ifrågasätta tubbylogik - men det osar onekligen cargokultbeteende, vilket fantastiske Eric Crampton skrivit om tidigare:

And so it was with our departmental coffee machine. Push button, coffee arrives. It says empty grounds, we empty grounds. Then push button, coffee arrives. That stopped working early last week. After emptying grounds, the machine wouldn't recognize that we'd emptied the grounds and refused to deliver coffee. So we tried cleaning around inside the machine, thinking that some sensor or other up in there must be dirty. And, sometimes it worked! But not always. And so we developed more and more elaborate rituals, trying to make the coffee return. But whenever we thought we'd found the trick, it stopped working again.

The repair guy today tells us that there's a not uncommon electrical fault with the machine. If you leave the grounds tray out of the machine for long enough, it resets itself. So the lengthy cleaning sessions worked, not because we'd found the bit that needed cleaning but because the tray had been left out long enough. And just going back afterwards to clean the particular bit found later would never work because the tray hadn't been left out long enough.

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