torsdag 27 januari 2011

Gissa produkten

Och så över till det senaste larmet - gissa produkten:

"Our kids can overdose on this. So what we want to have done, we want to have it made a schedule 1 drug and to put it in perspective, that's right up there with cocaine and heroine. So parents please tell your kids this can be bought at the mall, at stores, this can be bought anywhere and no longer after today," said Attorney General Pam Bondi.

"Our medical personnel feel they're overdosing on it. There's no instructions on it. There's no directions on how to use it. It's creating super human strength that takes 7 to 8 officers to deal with these individuals as under the influence of it," said Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen.

Rätt svar.

(Via @radleybalko)

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